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What is Go-Glow?

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Imagine a world where kids can wear clothes that light up like magic, without sacrificing comfort or affordability. That's the vision that Albert and Ken, two dads and former Silicon Valley engineers, had when they founded PatPat - a global brand beloved by over 21 million customers in 140 countries worldwide. Their passion for revolutionizing the children's apparel market, combined with their love for technology, drove them to build a direct-to-consumer brand that would become a global phenomenon.



But their story didn't end there. In 2016, a glowing red carpet dress caught their attention and sparked their imaginations. They wondered, what if they could create clothing that changed color at the tap of a button? What if they could make their children's wildest dreams come true? And so, with hearts full of determination, they set out to bring glowing outfits to kids everywhere (including their own!).


Their journey was not without challenges. The raw materials were expensive, scarce, and ill-suited for everyday kids' clothing. Yet, Albert and Ken refused to give up. They believed in their vision and invested in the technology needed to overcome these obstacles. And after two years of hard work, PatPat's Glotech™ fabric technology was born. Glotech™ features a blend of specially-developed, luminous materials and traditional yarn to create clothing that glows.



With Glotech™ in hand, Albert and Ken assembled a dream team of designers and engineers to craft garments that were not only beautiful but also wearable. Each piece was rigorously tested to withstand endless play, offer freedom of movement, and remain rechargeable and machine-washable.

Safety is also a top priority for PatPat. That's why Go-Glow by PatPat garments are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. Go-Glow is tested and certified as child-safe by CPSC, FCC and CE authorized testing laboratory, and guaranteed safe, child-friendly, non-toxic and harmless by SGS*


*SGS = Société Générale de Surveillance, a leading global certification authority

In 2023, Go-Glow by PatPat was born, the first-ever kids’ apparel brand that lights up everyday clothing using breakthrough fabric-illuminating technology. With kid-controlled, magical illumination effects and playful designs that don't sacrifice brightness, Go-Glow by PatPat brings the future of kids' fashion to life.




Building on PatPat's promise of "Super Cute, Super Fun", the dream ignited by a glowing dress continues to shine, lighting up the lives of children across the world.



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